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Diversification of your investment strategy
Economic growth and individual wealth is primarily influenced by political decisions, taxation standards and fiscal guidelines. The ambitious dynamics of the American economy allows for new business opportunities and profound profitability. An international oriented investment strategy is securing your capital and is decreasing risk factors.    read more
Purchase of Condominiums/Apartments in the Tampa Area/Florida
Average price range US $70,000 / 100 m2
A Real Estate investment concept
Economic Facts
Next to an asset and wealth securing legal system in America, reinforcing indicators of a growing economy and a wide range access to business capital is crucial for the stability and value of your investment.
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Investment Data
Initiated by an unprecedented bank crisis, the Real Estate market in America collapsed in 2009. Billions in asset values were lost. You are benefitting in today's undervalued market for Condominium / Apartment sales, resulting in unusually high investment returns.
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Property Evaluation
Just as important as an exceptional location is the financial stability and management performance of your Home Owner Association. The common area with club house, swimming pool, private streets and recreational facilities, as well as the buildings, need to be constantly serviced and updated. The Home Owner Association’s performance is maintaining the value of your Condominium / Apartment.
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Tax and Ownership Issues
Your own US Company is securing your investment interest and assures low taxation. Depending on your tax structure at home, we will advise you on the most advantageous company type.
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