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America was founded on an idea and a vision-
Liberation, Equal Rights, Democracy and Free Enterprise

A precondition, essentially necessary for your monetary wealth protection
  • Real Estate is at a historically low level
  • Investing in upscale Condominium/Apartment parks throughout the United States (2, 3, 4 room apartments 2 bath, furnished kitchen etc.)
  • Investment from US $70,000. to US $20,000,000.(a two bedroom Condominium/Apartment, 100 m2, to an entire Condominium/Apartment park)
  • Net return of 5.5% to 7.5%, depending on location, cost aspects and rent factors
  • Expected value increase on your property, depending on GDP development, Federal Reserve decisions, bank credit availability, continuing job creation and income of the population
  • Having your own US Real Estate Corporation and company bank account, securing your assets and financial interests
  • All money transactions, revenue and expenses, are solely controlled by you as President/CEO

Your investment is selectively and economically placed by Enterprise Development International. All operational follow up business requirements are professionally and knowledgeably coordinated and implemented by Enterprise Development International.

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