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Tax and ownership issues

You are a 100% shareholder of a US company, founded under Florida law. You will be registered as President/CEO of the corporation and/or a managing member. All necessary business functions will be performed by your corporation.

Yearly reported profit of your corporation is taxed by Federal and State tax laws in America. Up to US $50,000. net profit (taxable income) balanced by your company accounts for approx. 15%.
You decide the time of an income transfer with a shareholder meeting.
Your share holding ownership in an American corporation is not resulting in reporting requirements to your country of residence.

As long as you do not receive a salary from the company, draw a dividend, bonus or have any other income from the company, you do not have to declare a taxable income. You are just considered being a shareholder of a foreign company (only for a corporation not an LLC).

Selling one or all Condominium/Apartment units for more than book price listed on your balance sheet, your capital gain is taxable in the US with 15% (Speculation tax). It will increase the value of your shares.

As a strategic possibility, you could sell some or all of your shares, at any time.
For more information contact us or your CPA